Product Manager

the story

My team and I built a platform for retailers to make immersive experiences to better showcase their products – both online or in-store. Imagine it is your first time camping and you are shopping for a tent. Web pages do not really let you get an idea of the size and physicality of the tent. Step into VR and you will be dropped into a campsite, showcasing all of the outdoor equipment the store sells. Swap items out, inspect products better, maybe even configure what you ideal campsite would look like. Bookmark the things you want, compare items, and check out – all from the comfort of your couch.

the role

• Currently working with developers and designers to validate our assumption that mixed reality can solve the pain points of online shopping and brick and mortar.

• Creating user flows and conducting user tests to figure out the pain points of shopping.

• Iterating on prototypes built in Unity by leading product retrospectives to find a more innovative solution.

the outcome

key services

• Project Management

• VR Product Development

• User Research, Product-Market Fit

• Unity – Updating Models and Working on Unity Collab

• Business Development


Product Manager


Virtual Reality