the story

We want to create a connection between viewers and the ocean, creating visual representations of human impact on underwater life. We wish for the audience to walk away thinking that they have an active role in this world. 

We were inspired by the film Chasing Coral so we wanted to make a call to action for our display to get people thinking about ways they can help combat the coral bleaching effect. Follow other people’s coral commitment on our Instagram: cdmchasingcoral.

the role

• Worked with designers to create a digital installation using Arduino software, 3D illustrations, and incorporating that in a physical space.

• Lead the discovery, ideation, and creation of the installation.

• Proven expertise in understanding, defining and communicating the project with the team and defining the technical requirements to ensure the project will run smoothly.

• Proactively resolved performance, scope, cost and schedule issues with stakeholders as they arise, providing practical guidance and strategic support on day-to-day production issues.

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key services

• Product Management

• Digital Installation Development

• Product Development

• Arduino Software

• Storytelling